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November 4, 2016

I love practicing appreciation and encouraging others to do the same. Practicing appreciation is a powerful change agent for the brain.  It helps us to "stay in the front" of our brain where we can be in touch with who we are and stay interested in relationship with Go...

As a Life Coach who specializes in working with people that desire to grow in the skills associated with Life Model Works, I have noticed a very common thread amongst my clients. I see the same missing life skill in many of them that I also see missing in my friends an...

I'm sure that many of you have heard of Dave Ramsey before. He’s not exactly an unknown name these days. I am currently in the process of “snowballing” our family debt based on his budgeting plan. Without going into too much detail about his plan, since this post isn’t...

Imagine this for a moment: you’ve been tasked with building a model airplane, but you’ve never seen a real airplane and you’re not at all sure what all these parts in front of you actually do.

You pick up a propeller in your hand and you look at it from every different...

Recently I read an “inner healing” sales pitch that promised “Freedom FROM Negative Emotions” and cringed.


I cringed because I know that lots of people are probably thinking, “Sign me up for that!”.

Visions of a life free of problems and a constant state of emotional bl...

This coming Sunday I will be embarking on my 3rd annual Finish Line Hike of the 14 mile Tanawha Trail. To inspire me, and my fellow hikers- here is what I experienced the first time! *forgive me, this one is long! Original post was broken into 3 parts!


The Tanawha Trai...

I can remember not too long ago when my Dad first connected with Jim Wilder and started talking about the impact appreciation was having on him. I was intrigued for sure- because I could see the changes taking place.


But to be totally honest- the idea of doing it mysel...

Short blog alert! Just a few things on my mind today I wanted to share before they slip away into my 40’s fog brain! FYI they are all IMHO (in my humble opinion)




When it comes to emotional healing through prayer, it doesn’t seem to “work” for everyone. It seems tha...

Before I can talk about relationships, we need to look at relational skills. Before I can look at relational skills, we need to understand joy.


Every time I write about joy, I feel a compulsion to define it. We all long for “happier” lives but we make a huge mistake wh...

*Republished from my old blog


When I read the Word, sometimes I see 2 very different Gods. But because I am a Christian, I often gloss over the side of God that I don’t like.  


Yep, you heard me- I admitted it- “a part of God I don’t like” 


If you’re honest with y...

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