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Joy Starts Here:

the transformation zone
Online Group

Joy Starts Here is a revolutionary and powerful, life-altering book. 

But many people who just "pick up the book", find themselves overwhelmed or disheartened to discover exactly how much joy they've been lacking over the years.

The book was written with so much more in mind than just informing people of their weaknesses. It was written to help people begin to enter the transformation zone!


After it was published the authors recieved feedback from some people that it was "too hard" or triggering and many people stepped out of the transformation zone simply becaue they didn't understand that sometimes.... transformation isn't easy.


As a life coach, I believe in transformation. I believe in "doing hard things" to get results... and I believe that you don't have to do it alone. Along with my father, one of the authors- Ed Khouri- we've devised some new exercises to supplement this book and help those that are reading it as a group- to apply the principles they're learning much more effectively. 


Unfortunately these exercises will NOT be published! The only place you can get them is here with me during my Online Group Coaching of Joy Starts Here. 

Even if you've done Joy Starts Here previously, you will not want to miss out on this new extended version!

About the Group:

Next group will begin in the fall! Mondays at Noon Eastern starting Sept. 19th. 


Using webcams, you will be able to see and hear and interact with all the group members as we discuss the readings, practice the exercises and spend time building joy!

Your coach will also be available to help you apply these transformative priciples to your life!





Weekly reading is NOT required, but is recommended for deeper understanding of the material. 

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