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Off the bench. ITS YOUR TURN.

Studies show that hiking in the woods is good for you PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY.


Hiking reduces cortisol, depression, LDL (bad) cholesterol, and your risk of heart disease.

Hiking increases self esteem, improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels, inspires creativity and increases your NK cells. (those are the cells that help you fight off infections and even cancer!) 


Studies show a 50% increase in a person's ability to problem solve after hiking.


That's why I offer "Off the Bench" life coaching!! Let's get out in the woods and watch our cortisol (stress) hormones drop, depression fade away, and let our problem solving skills rise as we finish!




“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” 
― John Muir

Forest Bathing  $75 

time will vary, additional gas fee of $10 depending on location to be paid cash at trail head.

(trail choices at bottom of page)


Let's hit the trail! During this coaching session we will meet outdoors in God's beautiful office. :)


This type of "life coaching" is great for 1x or regular meetings. We will hike together (based on your fitness level) and find time to talk while we walk and during rest times.


Your coach will guide you through the trails and provide that listening ear we all need from time to time. She will utilize things we discover in the woods to help open your eyes to a new perspective on things in your life as we walk and talk. We will take a moment to practice "quieting" together with mindfulness meditation deep within the quiet of the forest. 


Great for: Teens, People in Recovery, Moms and the "curious" about life coaching people!


* must be physically able to walk without assistance for distance chosen. Liability waiver required.

Equipment Provided:

small hiking backpack with water

hiking pole

snacks (trail mix and/or granola bar)

What to wear/bring:

Hiking boots or Trail runner tennis shoes. (they will get dirty, and good tread is important)

Packed lunch (needs to fit in the provided backpack)

Dress in layers appropriate for season. Bring a jacket even in summer. Expect higher elevation temperatures to be 10 degrees less than in town.

Small camera or cell phone for pictures. (most places will not have signal) 




Scroll below to see and read about the different trail options. After booking, you will receive an email asking you which trail you prefer.

Black Rock


1.5 miles RT
90 minutes

~Requires entrance to Grandfather Mountain Park. ($20 per person- must cover coach entry fee as well)

~ beautiful easy trail, ends with climbing up a rock with an amazing view. 

~ After session, feel free to explore the rest of Grandfather Mountain amenities including: Zoo, Swinging Bridge, and Museum

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