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What happens during personal coaching sessions?

During the 1st few sessions, your coach will be asking you lots of questions! These questions are designed to help us understand what it is you want to achieve with our help. The Life Coach's job is to listen to you and ask you questions that will get you thinking deeper than you thought before. Throughout our sessions your coach will also act as "teacher" and may introduce some relational skills training and joy building exercises for you to use throughout the week. Your coach is also trained in "Share Immanuel" healing prayer and will incorporate interactions with Immanuel into sessions as she sees fit.


In addition to the descriptions below, with personal coaching you will also have access to your coach's personal cell phone and email. She can be reached 1x per week in between sessions at no charge. You can also look forward to texts and emails from your coach throughout the week to offer encouragement.

Video Conference Sessions

Meetings via Skype or Vsee. (4 or 2 per month)

Sessions will last approx. 45 min to an hour. (Requires webcam and internet connection)

Sessions may include:
discussion, Immanuel prayer, action plans & homework

Great for: Immanuel Seekers, Beginning Joy Seekers, & Basic Relational Skill Seekers


Online Individual
Intensives/Extra Hours
$50 an hour (minimum of 2)   


This is available only to current monthly clients who reach a "wall" that we need more time to break through.


We will schedule a Saturday to work through things for as long as you need.


*It's highly important that we've built up enough rapport and joy capacity before scheduling this type of coaching event.


Requires a $50 deposit, the remainder will be billed afterwards based on total time spent.


Also available as billable extra hours within a month of coaching. 



90 Days of Recovery
$300 for 90 days.  


If you're in recovery, you probably realize that trying to stay sober is harder than you thought it would be. 


As a Certified Recovery Coach I am equipped to help give you the support you need to not just stay sober... but to help you reWIRE your brain to joy instead of switching addictions!!


This special package is for 90 days of recovery support. We will schedule weekly sessions, plus I will work with your sponsor or counselor too. I will also be available for additional "mini sessions" thoughout the 90 days for up to 6 extra meetings! That's an INCREDIBLE value! 15 hours of services for only $300! That's only $20 an hour! You can't beat that pricing in coaching!


(Are you a parent or loved one of a person in recovery? Consider giving this as a GIFT this year!)



In Person Sessions
Weekly: $375 a month

These meetings will be at our home office in Claremont, NC.

Sessions will last approx. 45 minutes to an hour.


Sessions may include:

discussion, Immanuel prayer, action plans & homework


Great for: Relational Skills training, Recovery, Immanuel Process



Once a month, you get a free Nature's Therapy Session where we will take our session outside and go to a local park or trail. This session will last up to 2 hours. (plus travel time)


(Being face to face in person has a distinct advantage over video conferencing. If you have children and need me to come to you that is also possible for an additional travel fee of $25 per half hour of driving time within the Hickory, Statesville, Charlotte, Gastonia, Denver, Lincolnton area)

mission field
needs based - for donation


We are donating some of our online coaching services to Equipping Hearts for the Harvest.

We will provide services for missionary families that are currently in or preparing to go into the mission field, as well as Recovery Workers struggling with burnout.


In leu of our standard fee, any monies collected will be used to make a general donation to Equipping Hearts to help fund their work overseas. Amount should be what you can afford with a minimum amount of $20 per session.


Get some coaching AND help fund these harvest field workers!


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