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be the leaf

Everywhere I go lately, I am drawn to the intricate, gentle beauty of water droplets. On leaves, on spider webs, on the windshield of my car after the rain; everywhere I look my attention is captured if even for a second.


When this happens, I eventually realize that there’s a reason why, and usually it’s because I’ve got a lesson to learn.

So, what is it about water droplets?

I think what I’m most intrigued about is the way they seem to cling to whatever surface they are on.

Or is it the very surface itself that clings to the water?

Scripture likens the Holy Spirit to water. The “living water” that Jesus promised us, to satisfy all those who thirst is the Holy Spirit that lives in us today.

Do I cling to Him like this leaf? Or is He clinging to me?

I believe the answer is both.

The water itself is polar. There is water already existing in this leaf that the new water is attracted to. The water within grabs on to the water on top and they pull each other to stay connected.

They pull each other to stay connected.

Are you pulling towards the Holy Spirit?

The leaf knows how desperately it needs the water. The water is its lifeline. The water supplies the leaf with the resources it needs.

The leaf is designed to grab hold of what it needs.

This is where we differ from the leaf.

We expect the flood waters to come and do all the work. When they don’t we get frustrated and simply give up on our belief that we even need water (or at least minimize the need we have for water).

Be like the leaf.

Reach out and grab hold of that morning dew and that light rain and HOLD ON! It’s in the quiet and the still that the water even has a chance to penetrate deep into our veins and satisfy our thirst.

I can assure you, the water will do its part. Everytime.

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