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Motivation Monday- Cloudy Vision

I often hike on the weekends either alone, with friends or as part of my Nature’s Therapy Hiking Club where I can do some life coaching while out in nature! It seems that every time I get out in nature, the Lord shares some lesson with me. This weekend I hiked in the fog in the Roan Highlands. (top photo) I’ve been there before on a sunny day, so I knew what it “could have been”. But I also have learned to look past that.

Here’s my Trail Lesson #1:

cloudy vision.jpg

I moved to North Carolina a few years ago from Florida. Living most of my life in the flat lands meant my view was pretty much always the same…I could always count on the horizon being level and there weren’t any surprises when I rounded a corner.

About a year ago, I was driving on my way to my Dad’s house down the same road I always drive on. I was used to the hills and curves and fields of corn and wheat along the way and I enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty I saw all the time on this drive.

But then one day, I rounded a corner and up ahead in the distance I could suddenly see the outline of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I had never seen them there before!! I distinctly remember actually gasping at how beautiful the outline of Grandfather Mountain looked from this vantage point and being totally amazed that it was visible from here.

It was at that point that I felt the Lord whisper to me, “It’s always been there, you just couldn’t see it”.

And I realized that He was absolutely right. I become conscious of the fact that there’s a LOT of things I don’t even know are there… but they are. He knows about them, and he has plans to lead me to the point where my eyes will be opened and I will see.

  • He sees things in me that are there, that I can’t see.

  • He sees things in my family members that I don’t see evidence of yet… but He assures me they are indeed there.

  • There is hope in my future, even when I don’t recognize it.

  • There is unending love in my relationships even when they appear to be at rope’s end.

  • There is beauty all around me, I just have to let Him open my eyes.

Sometimes I might need to find the beauty in the cloudy sight before me instead of wishing it was “a better view”. Sometimes I’ll be surprised to look up and see what God knew was there all along.

What are you looking at right now? Are you believing for the things you cannot see?

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