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Stir it up

Sometimes I start to think life would be so much easier if I never had to deal with negative feelings, negative thoughts…, or just uncomfortableness in general.

Then I take a deep breath, you might even call it a sigh, and find the resolve to face the facts.

Recently during a conversation with the Lord I felt Him nudging me towards a topic that I wanted to avoid. I felt my stomach flip and swirl- rumblings that could have been confused with a mild case of food poisoning. I was aware that my heart rate increased and my breathing rate was shallow and quick.

But- I still had a good enough connection with Him to notice that these body sensations were a direct reaction to the question He had just asked me.

I protested a bit and said to Him, “Jesus, why do you want to go and stir all that up?” It seemed to me that my day would go much smoother if we just left all that on the “back burner” and went about my life without dealing with it.

Then Jesus smiled at my own analogy and asked me another question.

“What happens to things on the burner when you don’t stir them?”

Memories of ruined dishes and ruined cooktops rushed to mind. You see, when you don’t stir things up, things either stick to the bottom and get burnt or, they boil over spilling water all over the stove top. Either way- you have a big mess to clean up later.

Confession time- I’ve dealt with both on more than one occasion!

Truth is, dealing with our “unpleasant” emotions is no different. When we leave them unattended, they will leave us with a mess to deal with at a later date. The “clean up” will be much bigger and more intensive and require much more of our time and energy than standing there stirring would have taken.

Let that simmer in a bit.

Often times we feel like we don’t have a choice in the matter. Maybe we feel like a child not yet tall enough to reach the stovetop safely- we need someone else to come and help us stir. Maybe we need more than just a good stir. Maybe we need someone more experienced than us to help us figure out what to add to our recipe while they help us stir.

If that sounds like you- then you would be a great candidate for life coaching. Having a life coach empowers you to stir the pot safely and successfully!

Right now I’m opening up 3 additional coaching time slots and I’m taking $50 off the price! Click here to get started. All I ask is that you commit to 3 months in order to get this deal of $150 per month. You are free to end our coaching at the end of those 3 months or stay on as long as you’d like at that price. If you cancel at any time and then decide to start again, you will be asked to pay the full rate of $200/month.


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