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Tidbits from my mind

Short blog alert! Just a few things on my mind today I wanted to share before they slip away into my 40’s fog brain! FYI they are all IMHO (in my humble opinion)


When it comes to emotional healing through prayer, it doesn’t seem to “work” for everyone. It seems that when we go at prayer with a goal of “healing”- it scoots away just out of reach as we rush right past Jesus sitting calmly nearby to search for the “aha” moment that will cure our pain.

I think we’re missing the point. Healing isn’t a goal, it’s a “therefore”.

Try it this way….. “I got to know Jesus and spent more and more time with him, and therefore, I was healed”.

2. Mirrors

There’s a lot of science talking about “mirror neurons” in our brain. I LOVE mirror neurons! They make it possible for us to attune with each other, and they help us totally synchronize our brain chemistry!

They are responsible in part of that “dopamine party” that happens in your brain when you experience someone being glad to be with you {joy}.

It’s got me thinking about who’s mirrors am I looking at the most? Who am I becoming a “reflection” of?

Oh- and guess what…. Jesus has mirror neurons too!!!

I sure hope I’m synchronizing with His more often than not!

3. Sponges

As a bon-a-fied, far leaning introvert who totally ENJOYS being alone, I used to think this “joy” stuff wasn’t fully applicable to me. I knew that the difference between introverts and extroverts was about where you get your energy from- in solitude or with people, and that should have been the end of the story.

But-the “glad to be with you” {joy} experience is crucial for BOTH types of people. While the joy experience does fire off dopamine in our brain, which will give a slight burst of energy to go with it- it’s not just for extroverts! It’s not about energy- it’s about identity. We learn who we are when we experience people being glad to be with us!

I honestly think the only difference is that introverts are like deep sponges that soak up their joy and can then carry it with them into their solitude. Extroverts might sense their need for joy a little more quickly than us introverts do… but honestly- we all need it!

Soak up some joy today my fellow introverts- be a joy sponge!

~that’s all folks!

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