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who needs a coach?

Immanuel Seekers

I want open ears and open eyes.


Immanuel means, "God with us". I can help you learn to live a lifestyle that allows Immanuel to sustain your joy everyday. Learning to connect with Him during prayer time is one step. Learning to connect with Him during your daily life takes it further. Recognizing how He has been with us in good times and in bad all along helps us build capacity and joy.


I want joy too.


Do you struggle with low self-esteem, loneliness, wearing "masks", and getting angry so quickly it scares you or your parents? Then you must be a normal teenager!


Do you want to be normal or do you want a different, better, more joyful and hopeful life for yourself?


During the teen years, your brain goes through a period of "pruning" less used connections to and from negative emotions. Unfortunately, many of those less used connections are very needed! We are bound to experience negative emotions in life, so we really need those connections!


With coaching, you can learn ways to restore those connections and build them stronger than they were before so they don't get pruned! This step will help prepare you for a brighter future. It will help you become more confident in who you are and give you a sense of peace that you didn't realize was possible.



in Recovery

I'm not going to relapse.


Are you just getting out of rehab? Are you just becoming aware that you have might be developing an addiction? Are you noticing that you keep doing things you really don't want to do and you want to stop?


As a Certified Recovery Coach I can help you stay committed to being in recovery. Did you know that joy levels are one of the most common predictors of success in recovery? My coaching system is designed to help you build joy, and will not ask you to spend your time telling me about those things you feel the worst about. Our focus will be on what you can do, not what you shouldn't be doing.


*By the way, my definition of addictions is broader than your typical drug/alcohol label. I believe that addictions are any Behaviors, Events, Experiences, People or Substances (BEEPS) that take the place of joyful lifegiving connections with God and other people in your life. With this definition in place, you'll be learning how to restore the proper connections and you won't need to relapse or switch addictions to "socially acceptable" ones!







Moms & Wives

I want better relational skills.

Dealing with your kids and husband requires them!


Learning to stay connected and developing and maintaining secure attachments to your children and your spouse is probably the most important job you could ever have.


Your relational brain skills WILL be passed down to your children whether you want them to or not. The way you relate to your spouse is the example your children are getting.


Let me coach you to have relational brain skills that are based on joy instead of fear and anxiety! It will improve every relationship in your life!



       You really listened to me when I needed to talk.


~ Tracye

       I picture my time with you like finding a big oak tree in a field... you know, the one that draws people to come sit and find rest in the shade.


~ Kimberley

       " Mrs. Deni has been a huge part of helping me grow into the woman I am today. She has has been with me since day 1 of my puberty days and still continues to make a huge impact on my life today. Sitting and talking with her is like talking to one of my best friends mixed with talking to my mom. Yet, somehow she makes me feel completely comfortable to share all my heart and is always there. She really wants the best for me and genuinely cares about my heart before my mistakes. She is amazing."

~ Alyssalyn

(College Sophomore)

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