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Discovering Immanuel

Online Group Coaching

Immanuel is, God with us...  Come join us and learn to experience an Immanuel Lifestyle



About the book:
Joyful Journey

Listening to Immanuel


God is present: Here. Now. 

Experiencing God’s presence brings healing, peace and connection. But like any other relationship, experiencing God’s presence takes practice. 

Joyful Journey will teach you how to practice God’s presence every day. Discover how you can enjoy daily guidance and friendship with God, using methods grounded in scripture, spiritual disciplines and cutting-edge neuroscience. 

Surprising joy. Profound healing. Intimate connection. 

Available to anyone. 

Learn how with Joyful Journey! 

About the Group:

This group will meet weekly- for 12 weeks- in the Open Bench Meeting Room. You will be able to see and hear and interact with all the group members as we discuss the ways we've learned to connect with Immanuel and practice using the journaling techniques given in the book Joyful Journey as well as other resources the coach directs us to. 


As a group we will spend time interacting with Immanuel and receiving the rest and joy He offers. 


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Plans to start a new group in February 2018. Need 4 registrants before start date will be set.

*Deeper individual Immanuel Process coaching will not take place during these groups. 


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