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A new kind of devotional

The Author Still Speaks is more than just a devotional, it's an invitation to sit down and get to know God. 

After a short introduction on how to start hearing from God and how to test what you've heard, you'll be prompted with 21 passages of Scripture that were distinctly chosen to help you get to know the many different aspects of God and how He desires to relate TO YOU!

This book also doubles as journal, so grab your copy today and start your 21 day adventure with the Author of Scripture!

A parable about your brain

This is a story- a parable if you wish- about a girl who winds up on the island of Chara. Chara is the Greek name for "Joy", and everything on Chara feels like joy. She soon discovers that there are other islands nearby that she must learn to travel to- islands like fear, anger, sadness, disgust, and hopeless despair. 


She quickly discovers that these are important, valuable places to visit, but they are not good places to call home! 


Journey with her and discover life on Chara, life stuck and stranded away from Chara, and finally how to build bridges back to Chara and make a home there!


Includes 6 weekly small group discussions and a "scientific breakdown" in the back for those that want to know more. 

This book is perfect for helping my clients understand their emotions and how to get unstuck from them!

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