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Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like things will never change? Have you given up on thinking of the future as something positive... or have you decided that thinking of the future at all is a waste of time? Then you need to get out of your dried up soil and get exposed to some water and sunshine!

lose fear



Fear is the one thing that holds everyone back from LIFE. Fear robs us of everything good and keeps us locked into habits that only make life harder. Fear is the main ingredient in that "dried up soil" that many of us call life.

But JOY is different. JOY helps us overcome. JOY is the life-giving ingredient that we all need and long for. JOY is that sunshine and water that is a necessity for not just surviving, but thriving!



Your Greatest Self.



life coaching, recovery coaching

       Connecting with Deni has been an answer to prayer.  For several years I have struggled with some issues and needed someone to come alongside me and guide me through the maze of my thoughts and emotions. 




life coaching, recovery coaching
stop doubting



Through her gentle approach Deni is helping me to experience a growing sense of God’s peace and love.  She is sensitive and careful to not overwhelm me with too much at once. 

I am excited to see where this journey will take me.  God has used her to restore my hope for the years ahead.  Working with Deni is like a massage for the soul; I highly recommend it!


~Karen F.


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